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Join the crew from Prime Revolution starting July 28th, 2018

  The guys from Sportsman TV, Prime Revolution, formerly the Syndicate, TV show will be back and filming another episode July 28th, 2018.  Click the “Read more” button to see their last trip to Ruffo’s and plan your trip to join us at Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge. Book your trip now by clicking HERE.

Join the team from the Sportsman’s New in June of 2015

The guys from the Sportsman’s News will be here again in June of 2015 for another fishing adventure. Book your trip today to join them, talk sporting adventures, hunting and swap fish stories. To book your trip click HERE, to watch their last adventure at Ruffo’s Sportsman’s Lodge click the “Read more” button below.

The Syndicate TV guys are coming back for more!

The Syndicate TV show will be coming back on July 28 to do a second show on Sportsman’s Lodge.  The fishing was fantastic last year and they are anxious to return. This will be seen on the Sportsmans Channel outdoor TV network in October.  Check out our amazing packages and be part of the fun!


The fishing in our 2013 season was terrific with lots of 40″+ pike and big walleyes caught by almost every group in camp. The fishing was consistent from ice out through the end of August. This winter there is a lot of snow and the ice is very thick and this will result in a […]